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Welcome! We’re so excited that you’re checking out Lead THE Cause!

Let’s start at the beginning, why you got into youth ministry in the first place. It’s clear that you care about seeing your students know Christ and grow in their faith, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be here.

Pouring your life into students is the hard work, but seeing them really “get” Jesus is the payday. There’s no better feeling than seeing a student put their faith in Christ or lead a friend to Christ.

Lead THE Cause is here to help you see more of those wins in your ministry. We want to help you build passionate disciples who are reaching their world with the gospel.

If you’re interested in seeing the culture of your youth ministry transformed, then be part of Lead THE Cause this summer.

We can’t wait to see what God will do when you make that leap.

Until every teen everywhere hears the gospel,

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I don’t want to sound cliché, but it is life changing.



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[LTC] is the single most impactful, powerful, and life changing event I’ve taken students to.


Youth Pastor

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[LTC] brought me closer to God. The praying changed me.




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