What is Lead THE Cause?

Lead THE Cause is a disciple-making muvement for students. It’s where the discipleship model of Christ combines with the mission of Christ to create Gospel Advancing ministry.

This week-long intensive helps students, youth leaders and youth groups focus on reaching their world for Jesus. Participants from around the nation meet to worship, learn and practice disciple-making skills each day.

The event combines small and large group training in evangelism with opportunities to engage unbelievers in different contexts. Students are equipped with practical conversation skills and witnessing approaches and leave not only with more confidence and passion for sharing their faith, but equipped to lead and train others to do the same.

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Engaging speakers and training by fellow youth leaders will instill a passion within your teens for the unreached in their world as they see the need and understand their role as a disciple.


Your students will gain real skills for engaging others in spiritual conversations. Along with the ability to communicate the full gospel, your teens will be able to lead those ready, into a faith-relationship with Jesus.


Faith-stretching evangelism experiences throughout the week to move the training from theory to practice. And your group will also come away with impact plans for engaging your community back home.

Why Come to Lead THE Cause 2015?

Lead THE Cause is a great way to inspire and equip your students to take their faith to the next level and provides a framework for them to understand what discipleship looks like and sets them up on a pathway toward spiritual maturity and leadership.


Grow the faith of your students


Instill a biblical disciple-making model into your group’s DNA


Prepare your students for a lifetime of fruitful service and leadership


Build a Gospel-advancing ministry that has real Kingdom impact


Be a part of the leading edge of revival within the U.S. church

Three different cities offer unique locations and opportunities for training and outreach

Pick the locale that best fits your needs and sign up today!

Chicago, IL

June 22-27, 2015
Moody Bible College

Denver, CO

July 13-18, 2015
Colorado Christian University

Portland, OR

July 27-August 1, 2015
Multnomah University

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